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Anders' Slow Cooked Prime Rib Roast Beef Recipe

Prime Rib Roast Beef Recipe - The Slow Way

This recipe is so easy anyone can do it. It can be made on the BBQ or in the oven for better control of the temperature. All you need is a bit of time and lots of patience.

Slow cooking a roast is an easy and care free way of cooking and really the only way to cook a nice Prime Rib. Now worries about burning or over cooking.

The ingredients are as follows:
  • Roast Beef
  • Montreal Steak Spice

Rib Eye Roast
Rib Eye Roast

Browning a Rib Eye Roast
Browning a Rib Eye Roast

Rib Eye Roast
That's it. Let's get started.

Optional. If you have a Prime Rib Roast with the ribs in it, then cut the strings and cut nicely away the roast from the ribs. Once you have done this, tie the ribs back to the roast with butcher twine. This is so when the roast is cooked you can just cut the twine and easily carve the roast.

Get a nice cut of beef like a prime rib and brown the roast over high heat. This is best done in a cast iron skillet on your side burner of the BBQ. Can also be done on the BBQ like in the pictures below. Just be carful on the BBQ, if you have butcher twine on the roast they will easily break or burn when on the BBQ.

When the BBQ or pan is up to heat put the roast on turning it every minute or so and get all the sides brown. Don't worry about if it flares up a bit, just keep moving it and don't burn your self. Use tongs to do this, not a fork. A roast should always be handled with tongs.

You can do the browning an third way; inside on the stove. The way you do this is to first turn the fan on high (it will smoke and splatter a bit) use a large pot, add about 1/8 of an inch of canola oil and 2 tbs of butter, get it good and hot then put the roast in and rotate it until it is brown all the way around.

You do not have to do the browning but it does seal in some of the moister and flavour. After the browning of the roast, put it in a roasting pan in the oven (can also be done on the BBQ, cooking in-direct, but it's easier to control the heat in the oven) at  180° F or 80° C.

Leave the roast in there for 4 - 12 hrs depending on the size of the roast. A 2 Kg roast will take around 4 hrs give or take. You can now do what ever else for chores or prep work you have to do, just forget about the roast. For a big roast it will take a lot longer, like 6-8 hrs or more.

I know you will go and look at it after a couple of hours and you will think that nothing is happening, but trust me it is. After about 4hrs or so use a meat thermometer and check for desired donness. About 140° F / 60° C for Rare, 160° F / 70° C for medium. Cooking a Prime Rib any more then medium is really illegal in my books.

When you slow cook a roast to medium for example, it will medium from the the outside to the center. Beautiful.

Once it is cooked remove from heat and put it on a cutting board, sprinkle with salt and let rest under tinfoil for at least 15-20 minutes before cutting.

A tasty option with this recipe is to insert a few halved cloves of garlic in to the roast beef before browning. This will also give fantastic taste.

Serve your roast beef with whatever your heart desires, carving at the table. Left over roast beef can be used in many ways

Wine Pairing and Recommendations:

For a roast beef, red is the only wine in my books. A good hardy Cabernet Sauvignon like Jackson Triggs from BC, Canada or try a Chillian Errazuriz Max Reserva.  If you want more body and a big wine try a full-bodied Italian wine produced from the Primitivo grapes; a Pichierri, Primitibo di Manduria "Tradizione del Nonno" or in English "Tradition of the Grand Father". If you can get your hands on a Sicilian wine, Planeta La Segreta Sicilia is great value and goes fantastic with roast beef.

Good Luck.

Kiss the Cook,


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  1. Hi Anders -- On New Year's Day, I tried your 'slow' way of cooking a prime rib and the result was outstanding -- just as you said. There was quite a bit left over and I was looking for a way to reheat it but not loose the beauty of the original meal. Thankfully, I found a way and enjoyed another great meal of prime rib.

    There is another recipe you have posted that I'm looking forward to trying in the next week or two. Fun way to start a new year! Vi Brown