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Anders' Recipe for BBQ'd Striploin Steak

BBQ Striploin Recipe

The Striploin steak if probably my favourite cut. Striploin has many names, like New York Steak or Strip Steak to name a few. It is very tender and sits right next to the beef tender loin (Fillet Mignon). Together the Striploin and the tenderloin makes up the T-Bone steak.

Striploin Steaks Should be at Least One Inch Thick.
Striploin Steaks Should be at Least One Inch Thick.
Everyone has a favorite way to BBQ their steak and guess what, so do I. First of all, go to your local butcher and order the steaks cut.

I have found if you order them and have them cut to your specification, often you get a better steak. The steak should be a minimum of one inch (25 mm) thick. I really like mine about 1¼ inch (32mm) thick.

I take my steaks out of the fridge one to two hours prior to cooking. I have found that if you cook the steak right out of the fridge, it does not have as much flavour and does not cook as even.

A good cut of meat like this does not need much as far as spice go, maybe just a bit of "Montreal Steak Spice" or just a bit of salt and pepper.

Your BBQ should be very hot, close to 500 F or 260 C. Put your steaks on the grill turning once half way through the cooking time. I like to move my steaks 45° after a few minutes to get the different grill marks on them.

The approximate cooking times (this depends on your BBQ and outside temperature and wind) are as follows:
  • Rare 3 - 4 minutes on each side
  • Medium 5 - 6 minutes on each side
  • Well done 7 - 8 minutes on each side

Grilled Striploin Steaks
Grilled Striploin Steaks
Keep in mind the above is just a guide, it depends on so many things. After you have BBQ'd a few times, you will be able to tell by how soft the steak is, how well it is cooked.

A good cut of meat like this should not be cooked well done in my opinion.  The important part of BBQ'd meat is to let the meat sit at least 10 minutes on a grooved cutting board after you take it off the BBQ.

The meat will continue to cook another 2-4°. Serve with steamed or grilled vegetables. Steamed asparagus goes great and maybe a baked potato.

Wine Pairing and Recommendation:

For a great cut of meat like Striploin one should drink a good hardy Cabernet Sauvignon. Try a Jackson Triggs Cabernet Sauvignon Cabernet Franc blend from the Okanagan Valley in BC, Canada.

You can try a Chilean Errazuriz Max Reserva , its a great wine with loads of tannins. If you want more body and a big wine try a full-bodied Italian wine produced from the Primitivo grapes; a 2005 Primitivo di Manduria “Tradizione del Nonno” or in English “Tradition of the Grand Father” from the Pichierri Winery in the Puglia region of Italy; This wine is incredible.

If you need more info on other wines you can go to a really neat website of Natalie Maclean a famous Wine Tasting Expert that have some interesting suggestions on her website. Check it out.

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