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Anders's Pea Soup Recipe

Pea Soup A la Anders

A good hardy soup in the middle of winter is something that is very popular around our house. One of my favourite is a yellow split pea soup. For a base I like to have the left over broth from boiling a ham. Every so often I buy a smoked leg of ham with bone in and then boil it for a a few hours. This makes an excellent broth.

Let the broth sit in the fridge over night so you can skim off the fat.  Now if you don't have a good broth like that, use vegetable stock or chicken stock.

Here are the ingredients for a big pot, get ready to call in the troops.

  • 3 liters of Ham stock
  • 3 chopped Onions
  • 6 - 10 Carrots, pealed and chopped or coarsely shredded
  • 6-10 Celery ribs, pealed and chopped fine
  • 450 grams of dried split peas
  • 400-600 grams of ham (should be smoked ham, not processed ham)
  • 1 Ham bone (if available)

Wash and sort through the peas under cold water in a sieve or colander, remove any dark peas or any other debris that can often be in any kind of dried beans or peas. Regarding the celery ribs I usually peal theme with a potato peeler, especially the first few outside layers that often are a bit tough.

As I mentioned earlier I usually make this soup from the stock of a cooked ham from the day before. Keeping the bone and leaving it in during the cooking time gives fantastic flavour.

Add all of the ingredients to the boiling stock and stir, then boil gently covered for 2-3 hours. If you are using the ham stock you will probably not have to add any spices at all. If by chance the stock is to salty, just add a bit of water.

Serve with Crisp "Wasa" bread and some Havarti cheese.

Wine Pairing and Recommendations:

A bottle of Gehringer Brothers Ehrenfelser
Gehringer Brothers Ehrenfelser
I would go with white wine like an Ehrenfelser from Gehringer Brothers Estate Winery.

The Gehringer Brothers Estate Winery is located in the Okanagan Valley, BC.

This Ehrenfelser is a bargain so you might as well buy a case, one bottle will not go very far.

Alternatively you can crack open a bottle of Pinot Noir, try Quails Gate Pinot Noir a fantastic wine.

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