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Dungeness Crab

Crab For Supper

Crab meat has to be one of my favourite seafood. It is easy to prepare and tastes so good. In British Columbia the most commonly caught crabs are the Dungeness and Rock Crabs. Dungeness crabs are the larger of the two, and they have way more meat on them.  I will discuss this further down.

  • Sea water or fresh water with some salt in it. I really prefer the sea water right out of the ocean.
  • Crabs, cleaned and divided into two pieces. Half a crab is enough for one person if you have caught or bought crabs that are over 2 lbs.
  • Butter, about ¼ cup per person
  • Garlic, chopped (lots of it)

Bring the water to boil ( I like to do this outside on the side burner on the BBQ to keep the steam and smell out of the house). Add the crabs and boil for 12-15 minutes after it returns to boil. If you boil the crabs whole without cleaning them, you will have to add another 10 minutes to the cooking time.

Grandpa Anders with a Dungeness Crab and the grand kids Ryan and Sarah.
Grandpa Anders with the grand kids Ryan and Sarah.
While the crabs are cooking, melt butter and add garlic. Keep the butter warm, but do not boil.

When crabs are cooked, carefully remove tender crab meat out of the shell, and serve with garlic butter.

This is so good.

You can serve up some of my Italian Bread with a Caesar Salad.

Try my sister's Caesar dressing; Rose's Caesar Salad Dressing.

Wine Pairing and Recommendations:

Here, I like either a Rosé like Pinot Meunier Rosé from 8th Generation Vineyard. It should be served chilled. You can also go with a nice white wine from Cherry Point Vineyard. Try their Gewürztraminer, it is a great wine.

More on crabs. 

You should only catch male crabs and let the female go. This is to conserve and make sure that we always have a good supply of crabs.

Male Dungeness Crab
Male Dungeness Crab
The above crab is a male Dungeness crab we caught. It was 2 lbs and ¾ oz or 927 grams.  To see the difference between a male and a female crab and more information go to Fisheries and Oceans Canada website.

In our area a Dungeness crab must be over 165 mm or 6.5 inches wide across the back and a Rock crab must be over 115mm or 4.5 inches. Before you go out and set your traps, get a fishing license and check to see how many crabs you are allowed to keep.



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