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Anders' Rack of Lamb Recipe - Recipe for the BBQ

BBQ a Rack of Lamb

A great way to cook up a rack of lamb is to do it on the BBQ. One of my old favourites is to cook it with indirect heat. Meaning that you first bring the BBQ up to heat, then turn off the burner (s) that will be right under the rack. This pretty well eliminates flare-ups and the rack cooks very nicely.

Ingredients for the recipe are few:
  • Half a rack of lamb per person (about 4-5 ribs)
  • Fresh Rosemary
  • Fresh Garlic
  • That's it.... easy right?


Slivers of garlic and rosemary
Slivers of garlic and rosemary
Take the fresh rosemary and strip it from the stalk. Then peel 2-3 cloves of garlic and quarter each clove lengthwise.

Take the rack of lamb and wash it off under cold water. Pad dry with paper towel. Trim off any excess fat, there should be some on it.

Take a small sharp knife and cut into the loin between each rib and then push a piece of garlic in followed by some rosemary. This will add fantastic flavour to your rack of lamb.

Repeat this for every rib. It is a bit of work, but pour yourself a glass of wine and you will get through it. I saw one logo I like "Wine a bit, it helps"

You're almost done. Now grab some tinfoil and wrap each rib - tip with it. This will help it from getting burnt on the BBQ.

Now is a good time to turn on the BBQ to high heat.  Once up to high heat turn off one or two of the burners depending on the size of your BBQ. If you can turn off one in the middle it is best.

Cut a slit between ribs on the rack of lamb
Cut a slit between ribs

Stuff garlic and rosemary between each rib.
Stuff garlic and rosemary between each rib.

Wrap each rib/bone end or the rack of lamb with tin foil to avoid burn
Wrap each rib/bone end with tin foil to avoid burn

To enhance the flavour, even more, you can add some smoking chips, this is optional though. 
An easy way to do this is to take a handful of smoking chips, say Hickory and soak them for at least ½ hr in water. One to two hours would be preferred.

Then put them on a sheet of tinfoil and wrap it up. Poke 2 or 3 holes in the foil on top so the smoke can come out. Put the foil on one of the burners on the BBQ and it will start smoking in no time.

Now put the rack on the BBQ with the burner that is directly under the rack turned off for indirect cooking. You will probably need to have the other burners on at high or close to it.

It is hard to cook a rack of lamb without indirect cooking. The meat is fatty and it will flare up a lot.

Indirect cooking will eliminate this.

Cook about 30 minutes, turning over after 15 minutes for medium. Cook with the lid closed.

Depending on your BBQ it could take up to 40 minutes for medium.

Once cooked, remove from BBQ, sprinkle with a bit of sea salt and let sit on a cutting board for 10 minutes before cutting, covered with tin foil.

Use a good sharp knife to cut the rack. Serve with rice, potatoes, pasta or whatever you like and some vegetables like Sugar Snap Peas and Mushrooms.
This recipe is very easy and your guests will be impressed when you cut the meat at the table. Good luck.

Wine Pairing and Recommendation:

With a rack of lamb, I like a nice full-bodied wine like a Zinfandel from Lodi Vineyards, The 7 Deadly Zins. You can also go with any other robust wine like a Chianti Classico or a Carmenere from Chili.

Kiss the cook,


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