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Rib Sauce

Rib Sauce with a Swedish Touch

This sauce is a variation of  “Hovm√§star” sauce or Maitre-de’s Sauce". Use this sauce as a gravy - sauce with BBQ'd ribs.

  • 100 ml of mustard, use Swedish mustard “Druvan” (you can get it from IKEA). If you can not get your hands on Druvan mustard, you can use the Grey Poupon.
  • 200 ml of sugar
  • 1-1½ canola oil (do not use olive oil for this)
  • 50 - 100 ml of whipping cream.
Mix the sugar and mustard very well, then over about 10 min of continues stirring, mix in the canola oil. It is very important to mix in the canola oil slowly.  It should have a smooth shiny texture. Mix in the cream just before using it.

If you plan to keep this sauce for several weeks in the fridge only mix in the cream as you use it or need it.

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