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Leftover Fried Fish - Appatizer

Appetizer From Leftover Fried Fish

If you have some leftover fish from last night's fish fry, use it up with this smashing little appetizer.

It’s fast, tastes fantastic and so easy. My wife made this up the other night and it is just scrumptious.


  • Leftover fried or grilled Fish. Flaked into small pieces. Free of any bones
  • Mayonnaise, enough to make the mixture creamy
  • Dash of curry
  • A little bit of Mustard
  • A little bit of salt
  • A little bit of White or Black Pepper

Mix the Mayo and fish in a bowl. Add the rest to taste. You can also add minced green onions and it tastes fantastic.

Serve on some fresh bread like my pan-fried Artisan no-knead bread or crackers, or, as a salad with some greens and cherry tomatoes. So good.



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